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Lubbock i dating a con artist

The text messages indicate that your credit card or bank has been restricted, and direct the recipient to contact a phone to "regain" full access to their. Once on the phone, the victim is asked to provide sensitive personal information, such as birth date, SSN, mother's maiden name, and payment information, such as card s, expiration dates, and 3-digit security codes. If you have received one of these scams, do not respond; to verify if a text message is legitimate, contact your financial institution by using the phone on the back of your card.

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Sure, you can find love online. You could also find yourself falling for a clever con artist who will gain your trust and rob you blind.

Years old 23
Nationality: Portuguese
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Sex: Lady
Body features: Chubby
I like to listen: I prefer to listen easy listening
My hobbies: I like travelling

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I said what are you talking about. Has anyone been contacted by a Glen Lampkin from Arkansas?

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Went on Hangouts. He seemed to be from VA, provided photos from himself, his 2 beautiful children.

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He is from the states and says he has never been married or even been with a women ya right. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. I was friended on LinkedIn by a blue eyed guy named Dr. Wesley Carlson Nicholas who was a doctor, orthopedic surgeon - contract staff working for UN's for several years in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Has anyone heard of Andrew Vincent from Colorado? I guess we chatted back and forth for about a three week to a month he kept trying to convince me of his love for me. Sent me a fake link with her info to an obvious fake copy of a bank showing millions of dollars in a savings and checking from a bank that is the Walmart kiosk bank.

We actually met multiple times. The man I met seemed so sweet and caring. He lost his parents while he was a young man, but than his story changed, he lost his father when he was a boy and he was raised by his mom, who he also lost several years ago.

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Follow with begging me to make online bank payment transfer to his supplier. Anyone heard of a Kacie L. She hit me up from a dating site and wanted iTunes and Steam gift cards to pay for some stuff. Thank you so much. Lots of scammer on this dating site and I eventually deleted my profile.

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Her phone is a VOIP and there isn't anything that shows up on google about her. My brother met a girl named Sherrie? Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. He is on several dating sites, Instragram and Facebook. Therefore, someone who worked there and know exactly how all this is organized is running a big scam and it is happening right here in The States.

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Met on Twitter; charming; attentive; professed his love and then after a week, claimed his phone was broken and that he had no money left till he got paid in two weeks. Claimed to not worry she was good for the money, but didn't have a credit card or a way to access her bank. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

McCarthy living in Africa as a nursing student and she has proclaimed her love immediately for him. So I kindly said I had to go and I would talk to him later. Since then she asked for money for a phone, and a plane ticket, and visa and more money to leave the country. He given excuses that he could not use handphone in oil rig in Indonesian so forced me to download Hangouts.

She is believing everything he says,even says he loves her. Very romantic guy but a liar, an artist from Austin, TX. Gets very angry when you won't help him. I met someone online.

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He says the is getting a loan for to start his own buisness selling pipe to oil companies. They seems not to be worry of this type of a scam running and using their name and reputation and all kinds of structured work they may do in bases as the one in Kabul, or anywhere in the world.

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Thank goodness I saw this site before I did something stupid. Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist. I know it is a scam but she is real persistent about being real.

Man I was pissed I just told him about my friend but the guy wanted he to buy a I tunes card while we were on the phone I look up is a ask you to buy a amazon card. I have met my guy online, and when we met through the dating site, asks me if I have every dated a US military guy before, I should of heard the alarm bells ringing just by that comment but I didnt, its been almost a week and I feel as though I am in the most intense relationship I have ever been in my life, hes charming and as most have mentioned that these guys always knows the right words to say, but I think my guy seems to become controlling and demanding that Lubbock i dating a con artist is getting to a point I cant even turn my wifi on my phone for fear that hes already messaged me 10 times on Whatsapp, he tells me what I have done before I have actually done it and now he is asking for money to be sent to him because he doesnt have access to his bank as he is not in the States right now but on deployment.

I have a question. I havent sent him anything but I dont know how many times I can say no, I cant ect and if I block him on the app, he will just get another of his friends to speak on his behalf so the only option I have is to change mywhich I dont really want to do, does anyone on here have any suggestions how I can get this guy off my back?

He says he will come to Ottawa Ontario and buy her a house for her and him.

Looking for love online? romance scammers steal your heart to steal your money

I met Robert Danilo on a dating website for over He was so convincing over these last 14 mos I thought I was being a good person and helping someone in need. Widowed, daughter in boarding school, working in Syria????? He claimed his palmtop was not pre-installed with internet browser and begged me to to his fake bank uniontrus tbn.

I went on a chat line called chatblink met who i thought was a nice lady kellygraha mharod gmail. Asks for money, ITunes Cards. Anyone else know of same girl? He lost his wife some 5 years ago from kidney disease, she left him with 2 small children, Wilson and Anna. As there are no photos of these so-called hospitals within the bases.

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James Perez Moor claims his wife died 6 years ago and then his son got sick apparently cyanid poison in London He uses WhatsApp I met this guy on I G he liked all of my posts then he sent me a DM we chatted for about 2 weeks that is when he professed his undying love for me and that he thought. I got scammed by a women calling herself Monica Pickering.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target. He claimed his parents pass away in the hurricane year ago, his relationship with his grandma was very close. Jon Bach Fitzpatrick - may use different last name.

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He suppose to graduate from Duke University, but no confirmation from the school about him being ever attending in there. Watch out everyone we are the ones who need to make a stand. Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. We did go to the movies twice. Uses Text Now to change his phone often. Presently I had blocked all his contact.

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Looking to start a new relationship? And many forge successful relationships. I sensed something fishy so I rejected his request. The story goes on and on The story is that UN's block their acct's here in The States, so they cannot use it nor have any access to it.

Cybersecurity awareness program: lubbock

I know different now I have since blocked him on everything. For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. The I get a text that he was so upset and he was introuble with the company he worked for. He is a strong believer in Christ, must love Jesus, and all he does is in the name of Jesus. On Facebook Traded s. After reading this site, I blocked him. He works in oil and gas firm in Texas and planning to bring his firm to Singapore and settledown. So I fell for it, people try to scam me before I never fell for it but just being divorced.

Hello, my friend met a guy on tagged,he is in the military and is in Afghanistan right now. He helped me move from one state to a neighboring state. Be careful. I've tried to convince him it's a scam but he's not convinced.

Has an online love interest asked you for money?

I have talked to Jon for a long time - and yes he is a scammer- very charming and romantic- but will get angry if you don't send money. She still chatting with me. Sent me prayers, love letters, I am his one and only, checked on my health I never received a response from the real UN's web site. I just think he is. We are all vulnerable on these stories, I for example do not have children, and this person whomever he is was asking me if I had kids, why I did not have kids, as it was medical issue, he felt sorry for me.

Please share this information with others. Hi, I have read alot of the comments on here, thank you for sharing all your experiences, this has made it easier for me to come on here, I feel that everyone on here are in a similar boat.

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He will daily WhatsApp me good morning and good night. He was from VA, Manassas, than he wrote his address from Richmond as Bathgate Terr which seems not to exist after checking it on Google. Refused to give me his add or. The school authorities receive percentage from his salary from over there for taking care of his kids. Met Michael Tyler. Has anyone else heard if a Robert Danilo?