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Laws for dating a Mission Viejo

The Mission Viejo City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved two actions in support of local control of public safety.

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Every day we bring you news critical to staying informed and active in the community. Bryant mentioned his admiration for bees, but explained they are not to be messed with, noting he has seen them kill animals and put people in the hospital.

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Mission viejo strengthens its no-camping laws

He said he is in support of the ordinance, but wants an educational component that ensures responsibility for those that partake in residential beekeeping. the conversation: In lieu of commentswe encourage readers to engage with us across a variety of mediums.

Mission Viejo residents might be able to perform beekeeping activities on their properties as city officials consider an ordinance to allow bees in residential areas. Homeowners would be able to have bees on their properties under certain conditions if Mission Viejo s several other Orange County cities that allow beekeeping. At a March 9 City Council meeting, the panel voted to postpone a decision on the ordinance to a future date, with Mayor Trish Kelley dissenting.

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Liz Savage, a Fullerton resident and president of the non-profit Orange County Beekeepers Association, commented that she was in favor of residential beekeeping. High school student Maya Cappellino first asked the city last year to adopt regulations for beekeeping.

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She also noted that not enough residents know of the proposed ordinance to contest or support it and requested staff to engage in much bigger public outreach regarding the topic. We have worked very hard with Maya in her goal in trying to get Mission Viejo authorized for this. These proposed modifications came after push back on the ordinance from several people, including Jerry Bryant, a Mission Viejo resident who owns a business that performs professional bee control services.

Mission viejo mulling ordinance to change and allow residential beekeeping

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The panel asked staff to make modifications to the law, including a beekeeping education requirement, as well as requested more research into the specific types of bees that would be allowed. This tumultuous year has proven the essential nature of nonpartisan local news.

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