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A few floaty bits. The result is like silky dark chocolate cake soaked in cold soak coffee. View: Beers Place Reviews. These beers are all extremely sweet, but they are quite tasty. The tar black body has a fine carbonation, despite its rapidly vanishing burnt brown head, cutting through well and leading into a semi-sticky finish that's very warming the further down the hatch it goes, exhaling crunchy toasted coffee beans for days.

house floozy Ava

This one reminds me of Impermanence by Tree House, but stronger, denser. Smell was more coffee forward compared to the intense yet impeccably balanced taste, but still alluring with dark notes of fudge and earth with vanilla soaked oak accents. Jan 10, GreesyFizeek from New York 4. Taste is thick match of aroma. Cloying and sticky and decadent. A tantalizing mouthfeel.

Look Smell Taste Feel Overall 1 1. As it warms, aromas of coconut oil bloom. Mouthfeel is thick, heavy, smooth, too slick to be velvet, but very pleasant. I can't think of a more succinct way to put it.

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Delicious though. Taste is in the same ballpark but with some slight additions. Feel is as thick as it looks, decent warmth, heavy, so rich and smooth, coffee is felt but not to the point of percolation, deep.

Jan 12, Pours out the darkest brown you'll ever see. Also points for the great name for a beer inI think it is how we all feel right now! If there's a date on it, I don't see it. Pours black, with enough carbonation to fizz up audibly but only a very thin and very dark brown layer of head ever appeared, and it didn't last long.

Your review must discuss the beer's attributes look, smell, taste, feel and your overall impression in order to indicate that you have legitimately tried the beer.

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Notes: This one was fermented and aged in Missouri oak and finished on hundreds of pounds of amazing coffee from Klatch Coffee and Thousands of pounds of raw coconut!!! Some coconut floaties appear just like the other ones with not even a thought or a whisper of head formation. Aroma is a prominent coffee and chocolate with a touch of coconut. Another outrageously strong and flavorful stout from Anchorage. Protips: Explain why you're giving this rating.

Dec 27, Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

Reviews: 7 Ratings: 28 Log in to view all ratings and sort. I love the coffee in this one and I can't wait to try Doomed, the next instance of this series. Feb 22, Radcpa from Washington 4. Coconut comes across most clearly, coffee and chocolate are certainly there, it's definitely boozy. Turn your rating into one with characters or more. AKA Liquid Midnight.

Syrupy thick, taste starts with decadently sweet coconut that lusciously verges into dulce de leche before contrasting accents of date and barrel char along with dark roast coffee emerge after the swallow. Mouthfeel is full-bodied with mild carbonation. There's some vanilla, caramel, and maple-like flavors, too, with a touch of oak.

This smells like monstrously chocolatey coffee, vanilla, caramel, maple sugar, oak, coconut and hot fudge. Fudgy chocolate, coconut, coffee, molasses and hints of soy sauce. Beer in the glass is dark, almost tarry, with a film and a lot of floaties on it that look like the shells of coffee beans that sometimes survive a poor grinding. When you first taste it there is sooo much coffee character, then as it sits for a bit and warms the coconut shows its self. Delicate dustings of cinnamon on a Tiramisu. This is obviously a very sweet beer, but the coffee has this dark chocolate bitterness, almost a slight herbal thing, and it helps do some work in cutting down the sweetness.

Thanks for the review! Another Anchorage monster stout on my list and I absolutely love how each one has its own unique characteristic. Smell, on the other hand, is quite attractive.

May 10, The coffee provided a rich and dark depth to contrast the bright oak, with raw coconut, gooey chocolate brown batter and vanilla all powerfully present too. The coffee is done very well here. Nonconstructive reviews may be removed without notice and action may be taken on your. Perhaps medium colored maple as well. Served and reviewed probably a bit cold, but if I notice anything super interesting as it warms up, I'll add it to the review.

Maybe a little bit of oak. Heavy, sweet, and delicious. I think I like this better than Blessed or The Sacrifice. Tastes quite sweet. I have to admit it's not a great-looking beer. Jul 16, Alieniloquium from Florida 4. It has been resting quietly in my fridge for a long time. Jun 06, Sabtos from Ohio 4. You get some chocolate and mild coconut notes.

Very boozy. For most people these brews are "Diabetes in a bottle.

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Sweet coffee, chocolate strengthens a bit, and subtle coconut is there, but then maple comes in more strongly, molasses shows up and you get a whisper of baking spices. This is very thick, slightly syrupy, with no boozines despite the very high ABV. Anchorage has fully boarded the pastry train. Smells of coconut, brown sugar, fudge, coffee. This one doesn't quite hit every note, but it's still super good.

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There's a touch of coconut here - the coffee seems to dominate for me. It's a mounds bar with extra chocolate. This is just as sweet as the other big boys in this Anchorage lineup. Inky black with a few deep purplish brown bubbles. But mostly this invokes images of coffee combined with pastries and desserts, e.

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Tingly alcohol. Some vanilla, maybe molasses or maple syrup. Taste is coconut and chocolate in a big way. Look is thick sludgy oil with a tiny short lived black cap. This may bother some but I've honestly gotten so used to it. But if you can weather the sugary storm, these are decadent desserts and should be treated as such.