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Dating scammers in Bremerton

Online dating sites are a common way people seek romance. But what if, instead of a potential match, you find a scammer? Today, t he FTC announced a lawsuit against Match.

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The Public Health Agency of Canada found that sincethere has been a startling rise in sexually transmitted infections. Now with the relative ease of finding dates thanks to technology, online daters face a greater risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, says a study. Joan Romano, a year-old divorced woman from Lynbrook, N. He told Romano he was a decorated soldier based in Kabul, Afghanistan, and even sent her a picture of himself in uniform. Romano thought she hit the jackpot - a good-looking guy - but found herself being scammed out of a lot of money.

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Twenty years is an extraordinary sentence for a property crimenot just because Smith was convicted of being an accomplice, but because two others have been sentenced this year for directly stealing about as much as Smith, or four times more, and they received far lighter sentences.

His wife, Carolyn Loidhamer, said her husband took care of his employees and trusted Sharyl Smith. The victim had lost his vision in a car crash, which also left him with a speech impediment, and told the detective he blamed himself.

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The theft was discovered when the customer came back to the store to exchange the furniture set. However, in addition to convicting Smith on charges of being an accomplice to first-degree identity theft and accomplice to first-degree theft, jurors found the thefts were major economic offenses, opening the door for Hull to give a much lengthier sentence.

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Inwhile on work release from prison and employed at the now defunct East Bremerton Kmart, Albert Smith told an elderly customer who wanted to buy a patio furniture set that if he paid in cash he could make him a better deal. Robert Loidhamer died in December.

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Sharyl Smith is scheduled for trial May 1 for four counts of aggravated first-degree theft, but Kiewik said the trial likely will be postponed. Unlike her husband, Sharyl Smith does not have a criminal history, according to the state courts website, however Goodell said she saw no evidence that Sharyl Smith was being directed by her husband.

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Smith was sentenced to four years in prison. Her attorney, Nicholas Kiewik, also said Sharyl Smith had not discussed with him that Albert Smith was directing the alleged embezzlement.

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Whether Smith, now 55, ever intended on finding a different path, his word turned out to be as true as his scams to come. The stress and heartbreak caused by the embezzlement shook him. Under typical circumstances and given his criminal history, the maximum sentence Albert Smith faced would have been seven years.

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The surgery itself would be free, Albert Smith told the man, but he needed the money for expenses, according to court documents. Hull went a few steps further and gave Smith the maximum, 20 years.

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Facebook Twitter. SinceDeputy Prosecutor Emily Goodell wrote, Smith has spent a total of six years out of custody or off court-ordered supervision and, during those periods, he was committing more crimes. Andrew Binion andrew. Smith was sentenced to 13 months in prison.

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