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Date native Fredericksburg girl

Architect: Leo Dielmann.

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Read Fredericksburg Standard. The 20th edition of the Heritage Eagle football team suited up for the first week of practices this week and while s are down for the Eagles, the consistency and confidence are still there. Coupons powered by Coupons.

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Two Indians die in the encounter. Comanches Kill Paluxy River Settler. Comanches Raid Menard County Farmhouse. Comanches Kill a German outside Fredericksburg. Comanches Fight U. Troops on Salt Fork of the Brazos River.

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Settlers Fight Comanches on Squaw Creek. Description: Comanches attack and kill two Fredericksburg merchants—Conrad and Heinrich Meckel—fifteen miles southwest of Mason. One settler is wounded. Comanches Capture Two Children.

Fredericksburg st. mary's catholic church

Description: Capt. Comanches Kill Hamilton County Settler.

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Nebo, twelve miles south of Weatherford. The Indians release the children at Metcalf Gap. Three settlers are killed; two are wounded.

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Gregory F. Michno and Susan J. Battle of Pease River. Description: A party of eleven settlers fight a similar of Comanches off Pecan Bayou, seven miles west of present-day Goldthwaite. Description: Comanches kill three members of the Parks family and burn their house near Little Saline Creek, in the southeast corner of Menard County.

Description: Comanches raid the Krawitz household, ten miles south of Bandera. Settlers Fight Comanches on Pecan Bayou. They encounter the raiding party on the North Prong of the Medina River, twenty miles northwest of Bandera.

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Event Type: Raiding Activity. Description: Texas Mounted Rifles led by Maj. They kill three Indians and wound one other. One man, Jeremiah Green, is killed; the other settlers manage to escape. Among the dead are Comanche chief Peta Nocona. Comanches Kill Gillespie County Settler. Comanches Kill Willow Creek Settler. Description: Fifteen settlers led by Taylor Thompson track a party of Comanches that had raided the farmhouse of Fritz Krawitz a few days earlier. Description: Comanches kill Samuel Rogers near present-day Carlton. Location: Latitude: Citation: Gregory F. Event Type: Reprisal.

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James M. Hunter and eleven rangers encounter eleven Comanches on the Pedernales River, near Harper. Description: U. Four Indians are killed; one soldier is wounded.

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Two settlers, Ed King and John Williams, are killed. Six Indians are killed.

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One ranger is seriously wounded. Description: Comanches kill Henry Arhelger within six miles of Fredericksburg while he was scouting for Indians. Description: Sixteen Comanches attack a party of settlers on the Paluxy River, three miles northeast of present-day Glen Rose. Comanches Kill Fredericksburg Settler. Lawrence Ross le Texas Rangers, U. Thirteen Comanches are killed, including women and children. Owen Lindsey is killed; three other settlers are wounded.

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Billings is killed; his son manages to escape. The Comanches wound four soldiers before retreating. Description: Comanches kill a German settler named Berg seven miles east of Fredericksburg. They seriously wound Krawitz and capture his three children, two boys and a girl.

A short history of new st. mary's church

Event Type: Unprovoked Attack. German Children Captured by Comanches. He dies of his wounds two days later.

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